BREAKING:Japanese Formula’ Shocks Indian Doctors - Girl Loses 15 Kg In 30 Days!

This report was created by Key to healthy life to expose the truth behind a new diet sweeping India.
Staff reporter Monika Goswami investigates a weird weight loss solution that is quickly gaining popularity in India and the US

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(New Delhi, INDIA) - Note: We do not intend to promote this or any other product. This is an unbiased opinion to create an awareness.

We have been getting hundreds of emails from our readers who are losing weight using some new Japanese Formula and surprisingly they are even able to maintain it without much ado. At first, we didn’t believe any of it and thought this is just another rip off surrounding Garcinia Cambogia and decided to ignore it like we do with every other magical weight loss trick out there, but the results were truly shocking so we went on further and decided to investigate! Turns out that, Many of our readers have lost around 20 KILOS in as little as 30 days. If that isn’t shocking in itself, this weight loss took place without any sort of dieting, any exercise ,expensive surgery or even cutting out their favorite snacks! Key to Healthy Life Org. decided to track down the man who was behind this revolutionary solution and learn more about his story.

Turns out that renowned bio-medicine Doctor Sirjan Pathak is credited with the research behind this formula as well as exposing the HUGE lie that the weight loss industry has been trying to hide for years just to stay in business. Moreover, Dr. Pathak is well aware of the unreliable sources that promote little or not at all effective products that claim to lose 1KG per Day is unreal and unnatural. Dr. Pathak had completed his medical studies in Japan and wondered since that time as to why Japanese people are generally known to be so fit, are rarely obese and have a naturally radiant skin. This motivated Dr. Pathak to dedicate his Phd research on the secret behind Japan’s Slimness. He stumbled upon this revolutionary weight loss solution while working at Kyoto University's prestigious Research Department along with other reputed Japanese doctors. Now, pharmaceutical companies are desperately trying to get this Japanese solution banned. Before this trick is dragged through the court system, read on now to find out how you can naturally lose weight without diet, exercise, expensive or painful surgery!

Dr. Pathak’s Shocking Discovery...

It seemed like just another day at Kyoto University when my life completely changed. I was in between my bioengineering class and doing my rotations at the Hospital when I stumbled upon a research that said that obesity is one of the most troubling causes of low self esteem, suicides due to rejection and apart from the psychological factors, it can also lead to other illnesses from chronic to acute, some very severe and deadly, such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Coronary Artery Disease, Coronary Vascular Disease, Heart attack, stroke, and even cancer. ... It can also cause stroke, kidney disease, and heart failure. This is one thing that always had my interest and I was always curious to find a cure to this problem called obesity. So, I decided to do a research on this.

Dr. Pathak with his Japanese research team

Now, I had always wondered why the Japanese were so fit and slim and that motivated me strongly to to study the reason behind it. Millions of people all over the world struggle with their weight, but most diets are too hard to follow. In addition, most weight loss programmes being promoted by spa-clinics cost Rs. 40,000-50,000, and despite the high cost, the results are painfully disappointing and don’t last longer if strict diets aren’t followed afterwards. They only get rid of water weight, and you gain the weight back in under a month.That is why losing weight often feels like an impossible challenge.

I was lucky to have found myself a team of researchers who were as dedicated as I was in finding the solution to obesity in Kyoto University itself. We promised ourselves that we would use our expert knowledge in biology to find a solution to obesity and prevent any more pointless deaths. Every day we got into the lab at 6am.

My experiment focused on the most stubborn abnormal fat on the belly, buttocks and in the waist area. We knew that years of weight gain results in a slow metabolism, making it difficult for people to burn fat effectively. So, we wanted to create an organic solution that targeted this tough fat while accelerating the body’s metabolism at the same time.

We launched experiment after experiment, dissolving, filtering, precipitating, crystallising and recrystallising fat cells, trying to solve this mystery. The work was heavy and physically demanding. I would spend all day researching experimental weight loss techniques, and all night testing them in the lab. My main motivation was that paper I read on the problems caused by obesity due to psychological reasons such as low self confidence that people have to live with and other serious health conditions they are at a risk of. It reminded me what was at stake.

than straight away dealing with complex fat cells. A year into our experiment and we were finally reaching somewhere.

We then came up with a new approach, we decided to take into account what the japanese people ate on a daily basis right since their both. We took into account all the food items that were a must have as per the japanese cultures, traditions as well as trends. This seemed to be a better approach than straight away dealing with complex fat cells. A year into our experiment and we were finally reaching somewhere.

Our results showed that Japanese daily basis food had the same components that the already famous Garcinia Cambogia had. These components, namely HCA or hydroxycitric acid raise their metabolism as well as provide them with higher agility and energy.

These are how our tests with HCAwent through - We poured this saline solution on fat tissue we had grown in the lab and went home hoping for the best.

The next morning we walked into the lab half prepared to be disappointed. However, I was shocked to see more than half the fat had literally melted away. I couldn’t believe my eyes. This simple component had literally melted the same type of fat once considered impossible to lose!

On a chemical level the fruit had accelerated the breakdown of fat into energy and boosted the metabolism of the cells in the fat tissue. But this wasn’t enough, we had to make sure that the weight lost was well maintained and for that, Japan had the perfect answer: Green Tea.

Green tea can boost your metabolism and improve your body’s efficiency for burning energy. Research has suggested that the flavonoids it contains are responsible for increasing fat oxidation levels and improving insulin activity in your body. Some Studies show that substituting tea for calorie-filled drinks can lead to about a pound of weight loss a week. In fact, because green tea is a natural diuretic, it is an ideal treatment for combating fluid retention problems and overall tissue inflammation. For this reason, some estimates show that drinking green tea regularly can maintain recent weight loss by up to 89 percent.

Now, both these products are already in the market, but how our research lead to a unique and guaranteed result was the perfect combination of both that the Japanese people follow on a daily basis. This perfect combination of both green tea and garcinia cambogia was what was key. It took 6 month more of research to find out the exact percentage of Camellia Sinensis that Green Tea derived from and HCA, the active ingredient in Garcinia Cambogia.

Once we found out that our solution really worked we knew we had to bring it to the world. Over the next few months we perfected our organic Garcinia extract blend with Camellia Sinensis leaves and converted it into a easy-to-swallow capsule. In a clinical trial we conducted with 1200 patients from around the world, 97% of patients lost at least 12Kgs in as little as 28 Days. The men and women who participated in the trial were equally shocked by their results. They were healthier, more confident and more attractive to the opposite sex. (Some of their families didn’t even recognize them!)

Since then, our research team’s weight loss solution has only gotten more popular. Major Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities have lost a significant amount of body fat using my formula and we receive mails every day from people all over the world thanking meus for saving their lives. My solution is the only all-natural, affordable solution that’s guaranteed to make you lose weight. It’s even been featured in several highly regarded medical journals and national publications.

How Does This Japanese Trick Eliminate Fat?

While this might sound odd and unbelievable, let me explain how this miracle cure works.

By combining this magic garcinia cambogia with a natural antioxidant extracted from Camellia Sinensis leaves, this amazing solution increases your metabolism, cleanses your body, increases energy tenfold and literally melts stubborn fat overnight. The best part is that this Japanese formula helps to maintain your new Slim figure. Together, these natural agents rid you of harmful toxins and allow your body to burn calories more efficiently for the long term. Flushing your body clean of toxins and kickstarting your metabolism allows for a “perfect storm” of natural synergy and the fat simply melts away!

Multiple studies have proven that overweight men and women have trouble finding well-paying jobs and attracting the opposite sex. They experience higher rates of depression, social anxiety and a lack of self confidence. Put simply: being overweight can negatively impact every aspect of your life.

But don’t worry: the first step in reversing years of weight gain is kick-starting your slow metabolism, and that’s exactly how our Weight Loss Solution works its cellular magic! With a precise calibration of nutrients, it accelerates your metabolism at the cellular level, and reverses years of fat storage—so you can get thinner and stay that way!

That means reversing years of weight gain- permanently!

Determined to bring this solution to everyone who has felt the mental pain of obesity, I extracted the essence of that magic fruit along with green tea’s anti oxidants, condensed it into a pill and came up with Dr. Slim Trim. I know I did the right thing, helping millions of men and women find a natural cure to being overweight, but I was unaware of how angry this would make greedy doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. There’s no doubt my all natural weight loss trick is better than their expensive and harmful treatments, but isn’t stopping them from trying to shut us down. Dr. Slim Trim is a protest of everything the medical industry stands for. It’s the cheaper, all-natural alternative to liposuction or toxic weight loss supplements.

It’s a fact: Dr. Slim Trim was chemically engineered to help men and women lose weight and live fuller, happier lives.

Anjali Surabalji

Lost 18 Kg in 20 days!

I’m so thankful my husband introduced me to Dr. Slim Trim After our first child was born, I tried everything to lose the weight I gained during pregnancy. I almost gave up on myself, but with Dr. Slim Trim I lost 18kg! I’m even thinner now than I was before the baby!

We wanted to find out for ourselves if this product could actually do everything that it claimed. Most of the success stories talk about Dr. Slim Trim’s effectiveness, how patients can lose 25Kgs in as little as 30 days. They also mention how Dr. Slim Trim’s precise calibration of nutrients reverses years of fat storage and improves your metabolism, effectively improving your overall health.

This product is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Here's how to use the product in order to lose weight:

Some of us were still skeptical… until our own reporter tried it.

p>After hearing so much talk about Dr. Slim Trim amazing results we at Key To Health Life Org. decided to put it to the test. Reporter Keshav Rawat volunteered to be the guinea pig for this experiment because he had been suffering from unrestricted weight gain for more than 10 years now. He dreamed of not being nervous around women and not worrying about how we looked in a bathing suit. In order to try Dr. Slim Trim, he ordered the product online. He chose Dr. Slim Trim on the basis that it had been clinically tested and approved at GNP Labs in Kyoto, Japan - an organization renowned for their strict guidelines on supplements.

"Dr. Slim Trim was extremely hard to come by" says Keshav. "If you can get your hands on this pill - get it right away. I had to wait 2 weeks before I got to test as it was sold out almost everywhere. People are desperately trying to stock it constantly so it's almost always sold out.”

Keshav added, “The discounted bottle of Dr. Slim Trim was delivered in a few days after ordering and shipping was free, which was a nice bonus.” (But keep reading—there is now actually a risk-free trial offer that wasn't previously available)

Keshav’s Weight Loss story

Keshav's Dr. Slim Trim Results:


DAY 7:

After using Dr Dr. Slim Trim for about a week, I was astounded by the results. My energy levels were up, and I wasn't even hungry.

I sincerely felt phenomenal by seeing results.

The best part is that I didn't transform anything into my daily schedule. I was not on diet for the even single day. On Day 7, I checked my weight on weighing machine and couldn't trust my eyes. I had lost 6 kgs. Yet, despite everything I wasn't convinced that the product really has such results what they promised. I kept on looking for the outcomes in coming weeks.

DAY 15:

I began the week off with significantly with more energy and really feeling more better than before. I was never again awakening amid the night and hurling and turning on the grounds that my body was really ready to unwind. My knees and lower legs stopped aching at the end of the day. In addition despite everything, I figured out how to lose another 7kgs, putting me at an inconceivable 13 kgs of weight reduction, in only 2 weeks. I haven’t eaten less, and I was the feeling on cloud 9 and I've been in years.

DAY 30:

Subsequent to completing my 30 trail pack of Dr. Slim Trim my questions and doubts had completely vanished. With > Dr. Slim Trim my energy levels didn't go down, rather it remained same at the end of the day.

It’s been almost 1 month that I am taking this product and it was the bolt from the blue when I got on the weighing machine. I was following my regular schedule - eating junk food or whatever my mouth craved for but only one thing I added in my routine and that was having these pills daily.

The results are unimaginable. I roughly loss 25 kgs within these 30 days.

DAY 45:

After shedding approximately 1 kg per day, I was so curious to state my story to everyone. I was sometimes 1 kg, sometimes 1.5kg or sometimes no change at all but the way these pills were working I was spellbound. My energy level was increasing and the amount of food intake started decreasing. I wasn’t exercising at all, I was having a normal diet and still losing weight on regular basis. My body was back in shape, no lose mass, no rashes, my skin was tight and I look more handsome than I used to be in my teens.

Day 57:

After 45 days I slowly and gradually decreased my dosage and this product vanished all my doubts. The results were actually the same that the company promised. I lost all the fat from my body and will keep using this product in future. I feel healthy and my energy level remains constant at the end of the day. I haven’t done any dieting and I can eat whatever I want confidently.

My thoughts on this Japanese Formula: Dr. Slim Trim?

Dr. Slim Trim is the real deal. I’ve tried so many other so called “weight loss supplements” but this is by far the only thing on the market that will actually change your metabolism and eliminate fat at the source. I hear very few people can get a hold of it. If you happen to come across Dr. Slim Trim, either continue with your current life (without enjoying the benefits of having a body everyone admires) or you can spare 2 minutes and take what is the most important step to becoming the confident, self-assured person you want to be.

Proving to the world it works:

Dr. Slim Trim customers are unanimous, without all that extra weight they look years younger and feel much better about their overall appearance.

Dr. Pathak admits it's going to be a tough fight with the medical community and the pharmaceutical industry which is trying to get it banned, but it's imperative that the millions of overweight Indians suffering from low self-confidence and exhaustion be given the chance to lose weight naturally.

After several years and multiple clinical trials at Kyoto University in Japan, Dr. Slim Trim is in production in full force. You can and will lose weight with Dr. Slim Trim. You will become the good-looking, healthy, and true version of yourself. It's only a matter of time before Dr. Slim Trim is dragged through the courts by the major pharmaceutical companies and expensive spa-clinics that are seeing a decline in their profits. There are quite a few celebrities who use Dr. Slim Trim to lose weight, all while living a life of perfect social and professional balance.**Because of recent coverage in the media, supplies are running very low.

You can check to see if Dr. Slim Trim is still available here**

Dr. Slim Trim was recently given honorary mention in BBC, world popular news channel printed and online magazine editions as being the pill that’s called 'The Funeral of Fat' in Japan.

Special Offer For Our Readers:

The result of several years of painstaking clinical research, Dr. Slim Trim is being tightly controlled in its distribution. But for a limited time, the makers of Dr. Slim Trim are offering our readers an incredible 60% discount! They believe that readers like you, those able to find Dr. Slim Trim despite limited advertising, are the sort of influential insiders they need to reach out to. So, to you and others like you, they are offering a limited-time, introductory price. All they ask is that, after you use Dr. Slim Trim and spread the word and tell others about your amazing results! So, get in on this great deal soon! But realize, this offer allows for only one bottle per customer. So, hurry, join the others who have tried–and loved Dr. Slim Trim before the stock runs out!

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    • • Tones flabby arms
    • • Firms buttocks and thighs
    • • Minimises cellulite lumps
    • • Tightens skin after weight loss
    • Formulated in Japan- GNP certified laboratory Comes With a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

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This japanese product contains ingredients that helped me to lose weight.


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Without any exercise I lost 8 kgs in just 10 days. Fantastic results, I am glad I found this product. Now I can eat whatever I want.


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My sister used this product and her body was in shape in just 30 days. Now she don’t have any extra fat on her body. She looks more gorgeous than me now.


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I used to be the fat kid in my school. I lost 23 kgs in a month without any dieting and exercise. This japanese product has impressive results.


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I lost weight so promptly that I haven’t thought of. This japanese product is very effective and have desired results.

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